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 Lelou1524 VS Nickenike [Test]

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PostSubject: Lelou1524 VS Nickenike [Test]   Wed Jan 16, 2013 5:58 pm

Name of Tester: Lelou1524
Name of Testee: Nicenike

DN Name of Tester: Lelou1524
DN Name of Testee: (Frogot it, lol)

Deck of Tester: Gravekeeper
Deck of Testee: Macro Rabbit

Manner: 3/3 Very nice player.
Combos: 3/5
Deck Siding: 3/5
Deck Originality: 4/10 Its Macro Rabbit, tho not the DinnoRabit pure, has other monsters and other spells that i haven't seen in those decks.
Deck Build: 6 /10 Very nice deck build, works good, nice with heart of something
Card Usage: 8 /10 Well ye knows to use cards.
Concentration: 9 /10 Little bit problems with banish but its ok.
Ruling Knowledge: 9 /10
Control of Duels: 3 /9 Almost had me in second duel.
Results of Match: -10 /10 (+5 for each win, -5 for each lose)
Overall Performance: 13 /20

Total Result: 51/102

Work on deck originality and deck build. Welcome to Doom Lord White

Doom Lord White: 0-56
Dreadmaster Green: 57-72
Plasma Red: 73-96
Dogma Blue: 97-102


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Lelou1524 VS Nickenike [Test]
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