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 Spell speeds

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PostSubject: Spell speeds   Sun Jan 06, 2013 7:32 pm

A short post on spell speeds.

1. Spell speeds apply to all cards not just spells.
2. There are 3 spell speeds.
3. Spell speed one cards consist of normal spells, most monster effects (unless they say, during either players turn, then they are spell speed 2), continuous spells.
4. spell spell 2 consists of quickplay spells, normal trap cards and continuous trap cards.
5. Spell speed 3 are the fastest and are counter traps.

Now for the rules. Spell speed one cards cannot be in a chain unless they are the start, you cannot chain a spell speed 2 to a spell speed 3. you can chain cards of the same spell speed to each other (except spell speed one, they can only be the start of the chain).


1. you can chain a solemn judgment to a dark bribe seeing as both are spell speed 3.
2. you cannot chain she in's effect to a counter trap, he is a spell speed 2, counter traps are spell speed 3's
3. you can chain dark bribe to dark hole seeing as dark bribe is a higher spell speed than dark hole.

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Spell speeds
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