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 Admin/Mod test

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PostSubject: Admin/Mod test   Sun Jan 06, 2013 5:22 pm

9/10 to pass. Message me your answers, and I will reply with your score. You can only take this 2 times (once a month)
New one will be made every other month.

1. Lets say you have the head, left arm, and left leg in your hand, with 2 card left in our deck and those 2 cards are the last to pieces. you activate allure of darkness drawing the last 2 pieces do you win? (Exodia)

2. How can you tell if an effect starts a chain or not?

3. You attack with king tiger wanghu directly, your opponent summons gorz. What happens.?

4. Your opponent summons a Hieratic dragon of su, you respond with a solemn warning your opponent chains with a trap stun. Is this legal? why?

5. Can you chain divine wrath to the summoning effect of gorz? Why or why not?

6. If you tribute a face up mermail abysslinde for mermail megalos effect, will Lindes effect activate?

7. You Control red-eyes darkness metal dragon, you use is effect to target a lightpulsar dragon in the grave, your opponent responds with a d.d. crow banishing said lightpulsar dragon. what happens? why?

8. You summon hieratic dragon of nuit, your opponent chains book of moon to it, does it get effect? why or why not?

9. Your opponent illegally activates solemn warning, after he re-sets it does he gain his life points back? why or why not?

10. Your opponent activates miracle fertilizer getting copy plant from grave, then normal summons a sangan, uses copyplant to copy sangans level and sychro summons queen of thorns. is this legal? why or why not? (3 Reasons)

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Admin/Mod test
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