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 DDA Introduction Topic

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PostSubject: DDA Introduction Topic    Sun Jan 06, 2013 12:40 pm

Hi , New members of DDA

Lelou1524 (Founder) and Me (Head Administrator) have made this topic as an Introduction for DDA

First: We recommend to be online on chatbox as long as you can so that you can know all DDA Updates

Second: We strongly recommend that you check the Forum Rules Topic ( )
to make sure that you know all this Academy Rules because any trouble or mistake you do will be punished by warnings in your profile , Once your warning hits 4 you will get IP Banned

Third: As a new member you have to take a test to determine your skill and your skill will determine the Dorm you will be in , DDA has 5 Dorms Which are:

White Doom Lord (White) : Lowest Dorm for Newbies and Low skilled members
Green Dreadmaster (Green) : Middle Dorm for Better members
Red Plasma (Red) : Middle Dorm for Middle skilled members
Blue Dogma (Blue) : This is the highest dorm you can enter with a test
Black Destiny End Dragon (Black) : Highest Dorm in DDA You cannot enter it with a test but by beating at least 5 Dogma Blue Members in the Destiny Duels Section and then Dueling the Head Admin or The Founder and beat him in a match

Also make sure that the member who will test you must be a Tester (Turquoise) or a member that is approved to test , We also would like you to have a look at the Testers List Topic ( )

Also We recommend that you check the Testing Format Topic in which you can see the Format you will be tested on ( ) and check the Testing Rules Topic ( )

We also Got Teachers (Orange) to help you in Rulings , Building or Fixing your Decks

We Also have GFX Designers to make you Avatars and Signatures but that will be for a price of DP determined by the designer

Fourth: We recommend that you check the Destiny Points System (DP) to know how points are distributed In DDA ( )

If there is any problems Contact the online Moderators (Pink) or Administrators (Yellow)
If the Problem is not fixed Please Contact me or The Founder (Lelou1524) Directly and we will Solve it

Thanks for your trust and co-operation with us

DDA Administrators Team

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DDA Introduction Topic
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