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 Common Knowledge Rulings

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PostSubject: Common Knowledge Rulings   Fri Feb 15, 2013 4:05 am

ok we all know that there are some tough rulings out there but i thought
i should just put a solid point on some of the ones that are common
knowledge or should be.

1.) mst/mystical space typhoon does not negate and cannot be chained to a
counter trap card as it is only spell speed 2. also it can only stop
the proper resolution of a continuous spell/trap card such as call of
the haunted, soliderity, megamorph, safe zone, and chaos zone. note that
stoping the proper resolution does not mean negate

2.) numbers. ok im just going to say it once, the rule where a number
can only be destroyed by another number does not exist on dn or in real
life, only in the anime known as zexal.

3.) semi nomi monsters. any monster that says it can only be special
summoned by .... is a semi nomi and if its summon gets negated or is for
some reason not summoned properly cannot be special summoned from the
grave yard or the banished zone. example a solem warninged bls cannot be
brought back with monster reborn.

4.) xyz monsters. ok first of all xyz do not have levels they have
ranks. so they cannot be used as synchro material or for a ritual
summon. also they cannot be targeted by or affected by cards that
specify level, examples gravity bind, ninjitsu art of super
transformation, burden of the mighty, synchro boost ect. also the xyz
material attatched to them for one are not on the field and do not count
as a monster. they als odo not get effects that would activate if it
was sent from the field to the grave yard. also an xyz material cannot
use its effects. xyz material cannot be destroyed by card effects, they
can be sent or detatched to the graveyard by cards that specify so. if a
magic or trap is xyz material and not in the st zone they cannot be
destroyed by heavy storm.

4.5) chaos xyz monsters and chaos xyz evolution. chaos xyz evolution is
the term that refers to an xyz summon by using an xyz monster as a
material. many people ask this but no u dont use other materials if u
summon this way just the xyz monster. and this is still a proper xyz
summon it is just by using different material so the monster can be
reborned. also for the chaos numbers the other material attatched to the
monster do not need to be light/water attribute to chaos xyz evolution.
also when u summon this way it is no longer the previous monster so
cards that were targeting it specifically lose their target and are
destroyed based on the cards text ant targeting conditions.finally the
only monsters that can do this are

5.) monsters that say cannot be special summoned by other ways. these
cards are different from semi nomi monster as they must be special
summoned properly and unlike the semi nomis cannot be brought back. the
only way to revive these cards is with a card that says ignoring the
conditions. also u can bring them back to the hand, deck or to the
extra deck with a card effect, then summon them again. example monster

6.) counter traps. these cards can only be chained by another counter
trap. for example if u activate negate atk and ur opponent plays dark
bribe u can no longer play say magic cylinder sice it is unable t ochain
to dark bribe.

7.) normal spells. people always question this, yes normal spells can be
activated the turn they are set and other spells like continuous field
and equip can be activated the turn they are set

8.) quickplay spells. ok first of all these are only spell speed 2.
secondly u cannot play them the turn they are set. thirdly u can only
play it from ur hand during ur own turn not ur opponents.

9.) sending to the grave vs destroying. there are cards that say send to
grave please note that this is not destroying a card so cards that
avoid destruction can be disposed of this way. example zenmainse cannot
save itself with its effect from being sent to the grave.

10.) cost and negation. ok so lots of cards have costs to pay. if htese
cards some how are negates u still have to pay the cost since costs can
never be negated. example solem warning, if this card gets negated by
dark bribe u still lose the 2000 life points.

11.) paying life vs damage. ok so u activate say solem warning and have
say a card like life stream dragon. u stil llose 2000 since paying is
not damage but if u activate a card the says inflict 1000 damage to u
ant ur opponent then the damage is negated.

12.) final count down. ok i dont know how many people dont read the card
but the turn u play it counts as turn one not ur opponents turn.

13.)activating stuff when conditions are met. ok so we all like tragodia
and cyber dragon and other cards like them, however here is the deal
people get the idea that u can summon say 3 cyber dragons or 2 tragodias
ect. to one occurence of the condition. these are both different
conditions though. trag: u can only summon one each time u take damage. u
cannot summon 2 for one atks battle damage. now for cyber dragon and
cards like it. yes ur monster zones are full but u can only summon one
at a time, and since after u summon the first one the condition is gone u
have to hold onto the others in ur hand. another example is
this card u can only summon one per monster that is destroyed at
different times. even if 2 are destroyed at once u can only respond to
one of the monsters destruction and summon IPPTD.

14.) winning conditions. ok 2 things on this, one they cannot be negated
once met, two u cant solemn exodia: it is never summoned people only ss
all 5 pieces to show the opponent in an easier manner rather than
making the opponent search the hand of like 24 cards.

15.) targeting. ok this is a bit tricky but still some what common
knowledge. targeting is mostly when a card says it or a card works on a
single monster like an equip spell. also cards that affect al lthe
monsters on the field or all of the spells on the field ect. do not
target: examples dark hole, heavy storm. lightning vortex.

16.) discard and sent to grave. ok if a card has an effect that
activates when discarded then effects that just send it to the grave do
not cause it to activate. example hand destruction and grapha.

17.) summoning off a cards effect. ok if ur opponent monster reborns u
cannot negate the summon of the monster but u have to negate the spell
instead. also if a monster is summoned by its own effect that forms a
chain u cannot negate it unless u negate the effect its

ending the battle phase. there are cards that say end the battle phase.
these cards do not negate atks but rather the atk cannot continue as
the bp is over.

19.) lava golem. this is a simple one even if the
summon is negated your opponent still loses the 2 monsters as a cost
and as we all know costs cannot be negated. second thing this is the
tricky part to this and similar cards, lava golem says u cannot normal
summon or set the turn u summon this card, set includes spells, traps
and monsters.

20.) flip summons. okay this has a few issues. one
is that when u atk the monster is flipped to face up def(this is not a
flip summon). two when u flip it by a card effect it is not a flip
summon. 3 a flip summon can only occur during the controllers main phase
and is done by manually changing it to face up atk mode from face down
defence mode.

21.) once per turn part one. okay this will take a lot to explain. first of all these words once per turn
mean that u can only use the effect once during your own turn. this
does not apply to traps or spell speed 2 monster effects. also if the
card is some how flipped face down and then returned to face up position
again in the same turn the once per turn limit is reset and it can use
the effect again. also if there is more than one card wit hthe same name
with a once per turn effect they can each use their effect once while
face up on the field that turn.

22.) once per turn part 2. okay
first off the only monsters that can use their once per turn effects on
the opponents turn are cards that are spell speed 2. these card will say
that u can use it during either players turn or it will have the effect
of negating something that activates or is summoned. example: doom
caliber knight. also if a card like a field spell that say once per turn
uses its effect it cannot use it again for the turn, but ther eis a way
around this. people always question this but when a player plays the
same field spell and destroys the previous one they can use the once per
turn effect again as it is a new card.

23.) once per turn part
3. there are special once per turn cards that will say some thing
different. they will say the effect of(insert the name of the monster)
can only be used once per turn. this means that no matter what u can
only use the effect once during the whole turn even is u have 2 or more,
or the monster gets set and flipped back face up. also if a spell or
trap says that u can only use one per turn that is it u can only use it
once each turn plain and simple.

24.) delta crow anti reverse. if
u have 3 blackwing monsters it is legal to play this trap from your
hand during your opponents turn.

25.) monster reborn. this spell
targets a monster in the grave so if the monster is no longer in the
grave when it resolves it tries to resolve but cant and just goes to the
grave, because the target is gone. example opponent tries to reborn
your utopia u can chain call of the haunted and summon utopia and get
rid of monster reborn's target, monster reborn fizzles.

26.) XYZ dragon cannon. this card is not an xyz monster.

27.) conditions. they cannot be negated. they can be ignored by card effects

syncrho summons. when u do this the monsters total levels need to equal
the syncrho monsters levels. this text(1 tuner monster+1 or more non
tuner monster)doesnt mean u just need a tuner and a non tuner the levels
need t oequal the synchro monsters.

29.) this is not a ruling
really but more of game mechanics. if your opponent attacks and u play
something like magic cylinder. if that card gets negated by a counter
trap u cannot respond with a normal trap card. u need to respond with a
counter trap card like negate attack since a spell speed 2 trap cannot
chain to a spell speed 3 trap

if u feel that there is a
common ruling i should add to this topic please pm it to me. i will add
it as long as it is nothing i have already touched base on.

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PostSubject: Re: Common Knowledge Rulings   Fri Feb 15, 2013 4:14 am

uuu this is nice, even tho i know it, but thx XD


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PostSubject: Re: Common Knowledge Rulings   Fri Feb 15, 2013 11:49 am

Well a lot of info usually will discourage a lot of the newer players, but this is very tought out and is very well written. Although all of it IS "Common Knowledge". Lolz used the name of the article in my comment.

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PostSubject: Re: Common Knowledge Rulings   Fri Feb 15, 2013 4:23 pm

want to know how long it took me to make this(2.5 hours) Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Common Knowledge Rulings   Fri Feb 15, 2013 11:41 pm

glad to see someone else knows these im always having arguments on dn about half this stuff mainly the sending/discarding and nomi reborn one

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PostSubject: Re: Common Knowledge Rulings   

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Common Knowledge Rulings
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