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 seal of orichalcos rulings

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PostSubject: seal of orichalcos rulings   Wed Feb 13, 2013 2:57 pm

the seal of orichalcos is out and i thought that people needed to know the some what confusing rulings on this card

of all when it is activated all special summoned monsters on the owners
field are destryoed. this is a card eff so cards that negate
destruction can negate this card(like road but only the person who
played the seal can play road.

stardust dragon can also negate
the activation of the seal but only if a card would be destroyed upon
activation meaning there needs top be at least one special summoned
monster face up monster on the seal owners field.

also ther is a
misconception about mst cannot destroy the seal thsi is incorrect. it is
true that once the seal has resolved it wont be destroyed but when you
chain mst because a field spell is a continuous card mst will stop the
proper resolution and destroy the seal also protecting an already
existing field spell from destruction by game mechanics.

the seal is active you cannot i repeat cannot summon anything form the
extra deck. no fusions xyz or synchros. however this does not prevent
you from sending cards from the extra deck straight to the grave or
even just banishing them. also you cannot summon the extra deck cards
with traps like starlight road. you can still activate road but stardust
cannot be summoned.

the effect that protects your monsters from
beign attack targets is just as it says it is. if you have 2 or more
monsters you cannot attack the one with the lowest attack and if there
are 2 with the same lowest attack plus a third monster with higher
attack your opponents cannot attack either of the lowest attack
monsters. also if you only control monsters with the same attack the
opponent cannot declare an attack.

also if attack is altered the eff applies to the one with the lowest attack after the attack stat change.

if the activation of the seal is negated by bribe judgement ect. you
may still activate a second one as you can only activate it once per
duel and sicne the activation is negated then the condition ofr once per
duel is not met

i hope this helped all of you who run the seal or have faced it and i will post a lesson on mst vs road soon
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PostSubject: Re: seal of orichalcos rulings   Thu Feb 14, 2013 3:17 am

also if u use malefics with the seal u can use shadow imprisoning mirror as a substitute for skill drain

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seal of orichalcos rulings
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