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 My Regionals Report

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PostSubject: My Regionals Report   Sun Jan 20, 2013 3:16 am

Hey guys. Today I am writing a tournament report for the regionals that I had taken part in today 01/19/13. This was the Edison, New Jersey Regionals. On 3 side notes, I met some famous yugioh players today. I met Jarrel "Pro" Winston, Joe Bogli, and Sora1992Ex. Now what I will be writing is my deck list in a picture, what I faced, what I sided, What I did against the deck (score wise, and some key moments), how each match felt, and nothing else. I went X-4 and dropped before round 8. Now onto the regionals report. (If you have nay questions on why you should go to a regionals, please ask.)

My Deck

Round 1-Gravekeepers (2-1)
This was a fun match as the guy who I was playing was new to the regionals because he had not been to one in 3 years. Me and him were having fun, talking and acting like the anime. This was a very fun match. Game 1 he had won because he cleared my field with Dark Hole and Heavy Storm, and he dropped a Necro Valley and a Malefic Cyber End Dragon. I was under Reckless Greed and had no monsters, so he won that game. Game 2 I sided out 2 Mind Crush, 2 Compulsory Evacuation Device, and 1 Solemn Warning. I sided in 3 Mystical Space Typhoon and 2 Rivalry of Warlords. This match I won because I setup with Grapha first turn and never had to summon again. he had nothing to stop my attacks. He was hoping I would have summoned something to make the game go faster. He had a set Bottomless Trap Hole, and a set Torrentail Tribute. Game 3 was mine as well. I cleard his board with 2 Mystical Space Typhoon, and a Dark Hole, and 2 Grapha effects. Then I played monster reborn, special summoned my Broww, and then special summoned Grapha. Then I normal summoned Tour Guide, and special summoned Broww. Then special summoned another Grapha. Played my set Skill Drain, and special summonend my Malefic Cyber End Dragon. Obviously thats game, I should include that I had a The Gates of the Dark World on my field.

Round 2-Inzektors (2-1)
This match was very dull and boring, and not fun. The guy tried to rule shark me, but epically failed as the judge caught on. Rule Sharking is not allowed in yugioh, and after calling Judge for the 5th time for me accidently dropping a card or doing a misplay, which is perfectly respectable as I was sitting next to ARG's Joe Bogli, that the head judge gave him a match loss. Nothing to report here, except I lost game 1. After that he was issued the game loss.

Round 3-Dark World (0-2)
The mirror match. I hated it. Anyway, game 1 he had me with a nice come back. He cleared my field with a heavy storm and his Grapha effect, and then was able to beat me down as I was under Reckless Greed. Game 2 I sided out 2 The Gates of the Dark World, 2 Dark World Dealings, 2 Mind Crush, and 1 Solemn Judgment. I sided in 3 Mystical Space Typhoon, 2 Imperial Iron Wall, and 2 Trance Archfiend. Utterly I lost as I did not draw into my discard outlets, and he set up early by playing his own Trance Archfiend.

Round 4-Macro Rabbit (1-2)
This was an alright duel. I mean I was at a clear disadvantage. Game 1 I had won because I had gotten out 2 Grapha and played Skill Drain for my Malefic Cyber End Dragon. Game 2 I sided out 1 Malefic Cyber End Dragon,1 Foolish Burial,1 Compulsory Evacuation Device, 2 Mind Crush, 1 Solemn Judgment, and 1 Allure of Darkness. I sided in 3 Mystical Space Typhoon, 2 Rivarly or Warlords, and 2 Gozen Match. I was able to lock him down with Imperial Iron Wall, and Gozen Match. He just played Heavy Storm, and is there anything else to be said. He had game from there. Game 3 I took out the 2 Rivarly and sided in the Malefic Cyber End Draon and the Compulsory Evacuation Device. He got my because he was able to set up early and I had none of my side deck cards.

Round 5-Bubble Beat (2-1)
This match was a dull and the guy was like the guy from Round 2. This time I beat him though. Game 1 I had played Compulsory Evacuation Device on whatever he had summoned. Then I had Grapha out to win me the game. Game 2 I took out 1 Cyber End Dragon, 1 Allure of Darkness, 2 Mind Crush, 1 Solemn Judgment, 1 Compulsory Evacuation Device, and 1 The Cheerful Coffin. I sided in 2 Imperial Iron Wall, 3 Mystical Space Typhoon, 2 Gozen Match, and 2 Rivarly of Warlords. He set up fast and had overpowered me by turn 5. Not a fun Game. After that Game, I had realized Rivalry of Warlords did nothing to his deck, so I sided those out for 1 Malefic Cyber End Dragon, and 1 Compulsory Evacuation Device. I won by going card destruction. Discard 2 Grapha, draw 2. Got out 1 Grapha with the Beiige I drew. Then played Skill Drain, and special summoned Malefic Cyber End Dragon. won with that field.

Round 6- I am sorry but I did not take notes on the duel because the guy got a judge and the judge said since my opponent did not like me taking notes, I was not allowed to. Im sorry again, I do not remember what he played.

Round 7-Same deal as Round 6, again guys I am sorry. All you need to know is I lost Round 6 and Round 7. This was against a guy from my locals who ran Heros.

Well thank you guys. I am deeply sorry about Round 6 and Round 7. People can be jerks sometimes. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Thanks and goodbye.

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My Regionals Report
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